The fun part of the marriage is the sound and music. The songs excite the people and make them dance to the tune and enjoy the occasion. Some marriage parties prefer orchestra and some don’t. The best part of orchestra is that we can tell them to play songs what we wish to hear or dance. The sound and music breaks the monotony and brings some excitement to the marriage occasion. Kalyanakalpa helps you in identifying the best and the most suited band in your region for your marriage to grace the occasion. Make sure that you use our service in the best possible manner.
Type of music
Indian classical music
It is one of the most complex and complete music system ever developed. It is broadly divided into two main stream, one is the north Indian tradition known as Hindustani music and another is the Carnatic music which belonging to the South Indian traditions. Indian classic music is monophonic in nature and the performance is based melodically on particular ragas and rhythmically on talls.
Folk Music
It is filled with metaphors and tales of the Indian culture. The sound and words are typical rural in nature and encompasses the tradition, ethics, customs, practice which have been followed for centuries and have been passed on for many generation. The raga and folklore is exciting to hear and the music is accompanied by dance.
Modern Music
Indian pop music, often known as Indi-pop or Indi-pop, is based on an amalgamation of Indian folk and classical music, and modern beats from different parts of the world. It is popular in metropolitan cities and in urban areas. The music copies most of the lyrics and sound and tones from the western pop and hip hop and rock music
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